Color Loss on Monier Roof Tiles

Color Loss on Monier Roof Tiles Court: Placer County Superior Court, California

We are pursuing cases against Monier Inc. for homeowners and others whose roofs are tiled with slurry-coated Monier roof tiles (also known as "Monray" or "MonierLifetile"). These homeowners' once red or brown colored tiles have deteriorated. The slurry-coating has degraded and is coming off the tiles, so much so that many of the tiles have worn down to bare, uncolored concrete.

The tiles are now being manufactured by MonierLifetile, and MonierLifetile runs the warranty program for Monier Inc.

We believe that Monier was and is aware of this problem. However, Monier's response to consumers who complain is, essentially, that homeowners should pay for repairs themselves. We allege that this - and Monier's failure to inform customers that the Tiles will wear down to bare concrete - is contrary to the company's responsibilities under California's and other states' consumer protection laws.

California Case Status:

In December 2005, the Superior Court of Placer County denied Plaintiffs' Motion to Certify a Class. Plaintiffs appealed the denial and the Third District Court of Appeal ruled that the case could proceed as a class action. McAdams v. Monier [cite].

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