Construction Defects

Our firm has a singular and compelling philosophy regarding solving construction defect issues -- to get the home or building repaired quickly, effectively and economically. Everything must be focused upon that goal.

Our lawyers have decades of experience resolving construction defect issues. We understand all aspects of construction defect resolution from informal negotiations, to mediation -- and, after exhaustion of all other possibilities, trial.

California law provides several processes that, in the case of a homeowners association, allow the association to engage in dialogue and mediation with the builder about the construction issues. Commercial owners can adopt the same processes under certain circumstances. Among the advantages of these processes is they stop the statute of limitations from running for a limited time; provide a framework for resolution; and are inexpensive. This last point is important when you consider an attorney fee agreement. Retaining an attorney on a substantial contingency percentage could create a huge windfall for the law firm, given the limited amount of work actually performed.

Our firm recognizes this essential fact---- during the statutory mediation processes discussed above we offer a range of affordable fee options from a flat rate to very low contingency fees. No other law firm has the confidence to do that, but we do.We work collaboratively with the builders to find common ground. We try to find the best solutions to get the problems repaired. Should the builders not share that goal, and fail to adequately address the construction problems, then we will guide you regarding future actions.

The lawyers in our firm have handled hundreds of construction defect cases, and have resolved all of them either through mediation or, if necessary, trial. Our goal is to ensure the buildings or homes are repaired -- repaired quickly and efficiently -- and to obtain full recovery for the client. When you retain our firm you create a very direct and special relationship with us. Whether it is a board meeting, a deposition, or a mediation, the lawyer you start with is the lawyer you finish with. This is the key to our success, and yours.

Representative Construction-Defect Cases
  1. San Francisco: 51 unit condominium $1.047 million.
  2. Mountain View: 60 Town homes $ 2.8 million,
  3. San Francisco: 22 unit condominium: $835,000.
  4. Berkeley: 40 unit condominium: $1.4 million
  5. Watsonville: 2 homes, verdict for Plaintiffs $1.6 million
  6. Sacramento: 74 detached homes, $2.4 million
  7. Mesa, AZ. 22 detached homes: $1.6 million
  8. West Sacramento: 76 Town homes: $2.5 million
  9. Tiberon: 35 Town homes: $1.6 million
  10. Daly City: 120 Unit condominium: $ 3.4 million after trial began
  11. Tiberon: 151 unit condominium: $8.5 million
  12. Vacaville: 220 unit apartment complex: $4.9 million
  13. Vallejo: 38 Unit condominium: $995,000
  14. Redwood City: 65 Unit condominium: $2.3 million
  15. Walnut Creek: 105 Unit condominium: $4.1 million
  16. Sacramento: 30 Unit condominium: $1.4 million
  17. Chandler AZ: 8 detached homes: Verdict for Plaintiffs $350,000
  18. Fremont: 88 condominium units: $2.9 million
  19. Sonoma: 120 condominium units; $3.7 million.
  20. Concord: 68 condominium units: $2.3 million
  21. Walnut Creek: 100 condominium units: $3.1 million
  22. Emeryville: 101 condominium units: $13.5 million
  23. San Ramon, 296 units: $4.5 million
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